Zimzala : Huntington Beach

Shorebreak Hotel’s Restaurant, with ocean views. Sits atop the hustle-bustle of 6th Street.

photo 2

Overall Score: 9/10

When you should go: 

Daytime – beautiful views of the ocean and the hustle bustle of 6th street. Catch happy hour, and you’ll get an amazing deal with great drinks.

What we drank:

White Sangria, Margarita, Bloody Mary, Screwdriver

What we ate:

[Ate there a few times, since we stayed at the hotel] Mac and Cheese, Sweet Potato Tater Tots, Calamari , Grilled cheese with bacon and avocado, 2 Egg Breakfast

Note: Dog-friendly hotel, so a dog-friendly restaurant, with a full menu for the pooch! Mine LOVED the vanilla ice cream with a hunk of peanut butter. He devoured the entire scoop of ice cream in one lick. The yogurt-dipped bacon also sounded yummy…

photo 1

Best Choice:

Mac and Cheese, hands down.


It is made of big shell pasta with a creamy cheese that reminds me a little of alfredo sauce. It was thick, but not TOO creamy. It was a dish that we both agreed we didn’t want to end.

sweet potato fries logo zimzala Zimzala-Zimzala-20000000000859944-500x375

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