Lemonade : Pasadena

A casual dining restaurant on Lake Street in Pasadena with tons of salads and homestyle food to choose from!

Overall Score: 9/10

lemonade logo

When you should go: 

It’s a perfect place for lunch any day of the week, and a great casual or quick dinner. I also like to get food to go and take it home if I’m looking for a quiet night in.

What we drank:

Sugar Free Cucumber Mint Lemonade


What we ate:

Broccoli, Brussels sprouts with grapes and parmesan, ahi tuna, truffle mac and cheese


Best Choice:



Everything I’ve ever had at Lemonade has been good. There are so many selections, and I have seriously never gone wrong there. I usually load my plate up with differently prepared vegetables and get either the Ahi or the Salmon as my protein. The ahi always tastes good, and the lemon sauce on the side is perfect for dipping.

selection lemonade


They always have a sugarfree option for lemonade. My favorite is the cucumber mint, but I get it with 3/4 sugarfree and 1/4 regular. SO YUMMY.

lemonade salads

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